Beverages Photography

Capturing drink shot is an important skill in food photography. It can be fun and enjoyable, so that you can play color and light. However, it can be very difficult, too. The ice is shrinking. The ugly reflections in the glass cannot appear to be rid of.

Beverage photography is an art that involves a broad understanding of lighting, liquid and glass. Nevertheless, this awareness alone is not the driving force to create compelling images without emotion.

While photographing cocktails, you will take some different approaches. You can focus on the specifics of one drink or you can fire several for a stronger element of narration. No right or wrong. No wrong. Everyone has their own appeal.

You can style the beverages. You could choose to fire unlimited drinks. With garnishes, advanced ice cube and ice chips, you can make them much more appealing. Fresh ingredients such as lime and grenade seeds are even available.

Just get close to the drink when you fire a single drink. So you don’t have any negative space all around it, you’ll want to use a macro lens.

When shooting one single object, the tighter crop looks better.

Try to use the law of odds when you fire multiple drinks together. The theory of composition states that an unusual number of objects in an image is more attractive to the viewer than just a number of objects.


Strangely numbers create a sense of balance and harmony and give eyes a rest point. Even numbers of objects will separate and compete against each other.

Try to shoot the drink from the background a short distance away. It blurs a distracting horizon and gives the look dimension.

You can create some superb pictures of cocktails and beverages despite these challenges. You just need a little patience and experimentation.

The back light is the direction of lighting for photography of drinks. The beauty of liquids is great to bring out.

It is when you place behind your subject set your main light (key light). If, with the camera at 6:00 am, you imagine the face of a clock, that’s 12:00. Use artificial or natural lighting in this lighting style. Back lights have the problem of being able to submit.

















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