Jewelry Photography

It’s all about the details when it comes to jewelry. Gorgeous high-quality photos are important to a reliable, consistent and trustworthy site to show these information. Precise product coverage is crucial as consumers must be able to know as much as they can about your product before they can decide whether to buy or not.

Watches, rings and necklaces are all unique challenges in terms of their photography. Their smooth and polished composition induces erratic reflection. It is extremely difficult to reach enough depth of field due to their size and the high magnification needed.

Shooting jewelry for beginners can be daunting because the pieces are tiny, clever, and hard to repair. But bear in mind that the set-up is considerably less labor-intensive than larger goods and it becomes even simpler once you get it right. Without being a pro, begin by using natural light to photograph your gems. Studio lights and flashes can imitate shiny surfaces and be very hard to correct. Put in a large window and use a sheet of white paper to block the light if it’s too intense.

While most, if not all, imperfections and foreign data in your post production product can be removed, advanced editing of this kind takes a considerable amount of technological knowledge and time. Once you shoot, please remember to erase all tags, strings and stickers.

If the photographs shift too often in conjunction with other product pictures the lack of continuity distracts and confuses the clients and decreases the website and business’ professional appearance. Create a “setup” of instructions to ensure that each shot is taken and processed in the same way rather than cutting and sizing of picture differently or changing certain parameters, such as the lighting or background colors.

You should always photograph your jewels against a white background, so that your customers can have a clear, easy and clean image. Soft background colors like gray and white create a “timeless” look for your jewelry and avoid distractions created by an overlay.  All your product photos need to choose a theme and use this only.


Using these concepts in the photography of jewelry items can really boost your website’s professional look and potentially improve your product sales. We do expect you to get some great feedback from our customers on how your excellent photos have changed their shopping experiences.



















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